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Hopi ear candles

Hopi ear candles - has now become a very fashionable treatment. It derives from folk medicine, known in ancient times of the Indian tribes of both Americas, among others, Hopi Indians. Descriptions of therapy using candles can be found in the writings of the ancient Greeks.



Used in this therapy are made by hand from the best species of soft linen cloth or cotton, beeswax, propolis and essential oils. The candle has the shape of a tube. There are currently three widths of candles. You can, match them to each ear hole even very large and very small. They can also be used in older children. At the bottom, the curved part of the candle is embedded in the wax, thin, silver badge. With this badge, candle does not crumble, and heats evenly as well asconducts heat into the ear canal


During burning, the air is rarefied in the external auditory canal on the principle of so-called stack, which generates complete cleaning of the ear wax and product secretion of the sebaceous glands. Prominent adjustment of the pressure in the middle ear with the transfer effect on the sinus occurs, resulting in easier breathing through the nose and streamlining the external auditory canal, which is the main effect of immediate improvement of hearing. The pressure circulating in the channel spark plug provides a few concentrated enriched medicinal herbal essential oils inside the ear, improve microcirculation and lymph circulation. An additional advantage of the procedure is its extremely pleasant process, which makes the patient relaxed and rested.



  • Gentle removal of excess ear wax
  • Disorders regarding Ear, throat, nose,
  • Chronic inflammation of the nose,
  • Inflammation of the throat, tonsils,
  • Inflammation of the sinuses,
  • Colds,
  • Tinnitus of different origins,
  • Lack of hearing,
  • States of stress, nervousness,
  • Hyperactivity, sleep disorders,
  • Headache, dizziness, migraine,
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • Disorders of blood circulation, whiplash,
  • Cranial circulatory disorders, atherosclerosis,
  • Hair loss.



  • Different types of ear infections,
  • Ruptured eardrum,
  • Oozing discharge from the ear, for example. Abscesses,
  • Presence in the ear devices, for example. Hearing aids or implants,
  • Neoplastic processes in the head,
  • Allergic reactions to bee products,
  • Acute inflammation in the head,
  • Higher temperature.


The course of treatment:
Treatment starts from positioning the patient on the side, putting a small pillow under his/her head with a clean cotton towel. The individual should be relaxed and muted. Head cover will be placed with a paper towel or cover with a hole cut on the ear. This will protect the patient's head from getting dirty with ash. Earlobe is removed by the hole made in the cover. Cream applied around the candle within the side closest to the badge. Gently greasing the earlobe with cream and for about three to five minutes massaging the ear area, to further stimulate circulation. This will provide us a faster absorption of active ingredients found in essential oils and candles.


Greased end of the candle is placed to close the inlet of the ear canal so that the cream applied to the ear, and the one applied to the candlelight sealed the connection. It is very important that the smoke does not flow out of the ear, because the candle does not fulfill his task. Please note that you can not put a candle in the ear, they should be just able to seal the smoke inside. Burning candle sticks vertically to burn to the level of the string, ie, to the level of plaque. During the procedure, a hole in the place of burning must be open at all times. Then remove from the ear still burning candle and switch it off. Gently purify ear rod, and repeat the procedure on the other ear.


When conducting the surgery it is recommended that the patient in the supine position without being able to move his head. Therefore, treatment is not recommended for small children. On the day of the surgery, do not soak the head and ears, and after the procedure protect the ears with a cotton swab.


The procedure should be performed with severe pain every day for seven days, with chronic pain once or twice a week, and as a preventive measure once every three or four weeks.
The procedure does not replace visits to the doctor. It gives the effect of vitality, strengthens the immune system, cleanses and stimulates the regeneration process, as well as relaxes.